Revenue Edge is a one stop solution

for the entire gamut of revenue management requirements


As revenue requirements are unique to each Industry and Company, Revenue Edge gives you the flexibility in getting what you need and when you need. Our unique architecture gives the ability to upgrade features painlessly if your requirements change at any point after initial deployment. Revenue Edge removes the agony associated with the ever changing revenue rules as well as changes in revenue treatment due to changes in business models.


Revenue Edge Features





Basic Revenue Recognition
Revisions w/automated true ups
Contingency Analyzer
VSOE/ESP Analyzer
Allocation - Residual
Allocation - Relative or Dual
Allocation with order modifications
Linkage Analyzer
Linked Arrangements
Reports and Dashboards
Deferred Reconciliation
Deferred Revenue Schedule
Backlog Reconciliation
Expected Revenue Schedule
Multi Currency
Revenue Forecasting from Salesforce Opportunities
Integration to Salesforce or Applications
Integration to Accounting system
New Revenue Standard Implementation
Dual Method Processing

Please review Revenue Edge features and be prepared to discuss your exact requirements with us. Select the Edition that is right for you and you can upgrade at any point if your requirements change. Additional features can be made available with any Edition. You don't need to rethink customizations and configurations when your requirements change at a later point. We will just upgrade you to get you all the features you need when you need them!