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Proximex, a subsidiary of Tyco/ ADT, develops Physical Security Information Management solutions for companies and environments of all sizes. Proximex provides CSOs and security teams the solutions they need to support the bigger security picture, that is, the transformation of both physical and logical security into a unified holistic model.


Revenue Accounting

In revenue accounting parlance, Proximex sells Software, Support and Services.

Revenue Guidance

SOP 97-2, SAB 104

Revenue Solution evaluation criteria and goals

  • Replace old accounting system with a newer one
  • Be a pioneer in adopting cloud technology for accounting and CRM systems
  • Comply with requirements of the parent company
  • Eliminate spreadsheets for revenue accounting

Key Highlights of Revenue Edge Implementation

  • Revenue recognition and revenue forecasting with seamless integration toSalesforce and FinancialForce
  • Creation of Sales Orders from Closed Opportunities in Salesforce
  • Revenue Accounting under SOP 972 and SAB 104
  • Automated handling of interdependent product contingencies, event contingencies
  • Auto release and manual release of contingencies
  • Automate revenue adjustments for revision of support periods
  • Special Accounting requirements for intercompany transactions with parent Company
  • Multi Currency Accounting
  • Capture all dimensions required for automated posting of revenue and deferred revenue journal entries to the accounting system
  • Capture reporting dimensions to automatically generate reports for providing to parent company
  • Revenue Forecasting from Salesforce Pipeline opportunities

Key Reports

  • Revenue by period by Customer / Order / Product / Category
  • Deferred Revenue Schedule by Customer / Order / Product / Category
  • Backlog Revenue Schedule by Customer / Order / Product / Category
  • Bookings – Billings – Revenue – Deferred Revenue – Backlog
  • Reports for Executive reporting
  • Reports for Parent Company reporting

Controller says...

quote-leftExcellent application ; very intuitive.

Moving revenue recognition from spreadsheets to an automated system is a huge benefit for me and my team as Revenue Edge completely eliminates manual calculations.

With a few clicks, Opportunities turn into Orders and deferred revenue and revenue details get calculated. Their seamless integration to FinancialForce is a huge plus for us as Journal entries post directly to the GL without any additional work. The system generates deferred balance reports by opportunities and by deferred categories, and these reports are very essential for managing our revenue forecast.

I am extremely happy with integration and efforts from Revenue Edge’s team in making our job easy. Their support is truly outstanding. They were very focussed on our requirements throughout and really beat expectations. I highly recommend the solution to any Company looking to automate revenue recognition and/or revenue forecasting. As a Controller of a software company, I really appreciate the value that Revenue Edge delivers to us. quote-right

-Alec Lin, Controller