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Silver Peak software unifies cloud, Internet and the enterprise WAN on a single fabric. This provides IT with visibility and control over the new cloud-driven network while ensuring consistent performance for every enterprise and Software as a Service (SaaS) application.


Revenue Accounting

In revenue accounting parlance, Silver Peak sells Software, Hardware with embedded Software, Support and Services.

Revenue Guidance

SOP 97-2, EITF 09-3, SAB 104

Revenue Solution evaluation criteria and goals

  • Completely automate allocation and revenue recognition
  • Manage multiple VSOE and ESP categories
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual calculations
  • Manage linked arrangements and contingent revenue
  • Calculate VSOE and BESP analysis
  • Forecast revenue based on sales pipeline

Key Highlights of Revenue Edge Implementation

  • Sync orders and invoices automatically from accounting system.
  • Automated allocation for Software and Hardware transactions including proper calculation and management of contingent revenue.
  • Ability to manage multiple VSOE and ESP categories by segmentations.
  • Ability to manage contingencies by event or product and either auto release or allow manual release of contingencies.
  • Link orders for allocation at the parent arrangement level.
  • Automate ESP Allocation for components of bundled Product SKUs.
  • Auto Carve outs for bundled Product SKUs.
  • Automate revenue adjustments for revision of support periods.
  • Capture all dimensions required to post revenue and deferred revenue JEs to accounting system without any manual adjustments.

Key Reports

  • Revenue by period by Customer / Order / Product
  • Deferred Revenue Schedule by Customer / Order / Product / Category / Account Group
  • Deferred Revenue Roll forward (Beginning Balance + Invoices – Revenue = Ending Balance)
  • Journal Lines by Order/ Category/ Account Type/ GL Account (details or summary)
  • Journal Lines for upload to Accounting System
  • Deferred Reconciliation
  • Order lines & Invoice lines
  • Allocation detail by Order/ Product

VP Finance says...

quote-leftWe were looking for a solution to automate revenue and eliminate spreadsheets. We went through a thorough evaluation process with several vendors and selected Revenue Edge. Their demos gave us the confidence that the solution could handle our complex revenue recognition scenarios. No other solution came close in terms of functionality to handle allocations and contingent revenue automation for hardware & software multi-element arrangements. We were very impressed with their flexibility and approach to solving our revenue needs.

We are extremely happy with our decision. They met our requested go-live date, which included integration to our accounting system. We were able to close revenue in a fraction of the time that it usually takes us. We are impressed with the automation as well as the visibility Revenue Edge provides into all the calculations and results.

In my 25 years of experience, I would say that this is one of the smoothest implementations I have seen especially given the complexity with revenue automation. Their architecture seems to give the ability to configure the solution to handle any number of scenarios with ease.

I highly recommend Revenue Edge.quote-right

Richard Marqueling, VP-Finance – Silver Peak Systems